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Once you’ve secured any data you’re going to want to keep, you’re ready to begin the upgrade process.

Exactly what you’ll have to do differs depending on when you bought your system.

Well, good news, there is no better upgrade you can make to a laptop today than upgrading the hard drive.

This article will explain how to upgrade your Mac Book Pro’s hard drive, allowing you to drop in a bigger HDD, a speedy HHD, or super-fast SSD.

This brought a thinner chassis and was when Apple stopped using hard drives in its laptops.

If you want larger pictures try the links above, if you want to run through of each model stick with this article…

reported on monday that both a new 15-inch Mac Book Pro and a new 27-inch i Mac will be available on Wednesday.

It’s also the easiest to upgrade — this version only has one latch to pull open the case.

Third generation (2010 and on, pre-Retina MBPs): In terms of difficulty, this Mac Book Pro splits the difference between the other two models: You can identify it by the single panel held on by ten screws.

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