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The experts maintain that weddings don't have to be paid for by the bride's family, the couple can see each other before the ceremony and they don't need to greet every single guest that attends.

It's been a long-standing tradition that bride and groom sleep separately on the night before their wedding and the groom can't set eyes on his wife-to-be before she walks down the aisle.

Our base for the trip were the roomy penthouses at Claridge's and I toured the boy around the city, who for some bizarre reason took to calling me 'Euston' for the duration.

After a slow 'getting to know you' stroll through Regent's Park on day one and a tantrum to end all tantrums at Legoland the day after, we had both sussed each other's boundaries up.

If you're ever being interviewed by Chinese journalists be prepared to answer questions like 'what's your blood type' (I once answered blue, and am convinced the faithful reprinting of this is why I still get work there) and 'how much do you earn in a month?

The couple CAN see each other before the ceremony You don't need to greet every guest The bridal party can wear black The groom's family can pick up the entire bill The bride can be walked down the aisle by anyone Tradition dictates that a bride will be escorted down the aisle by her father but experts say it can be anyone.

A few years ago when travelling to New York for work, I was asked by a US border official what my profession was; after hearing my reply he asked whether I 'felt guilty when people pay you for that'. This summer marks my tenth anniversary of teaching and commentating about etiquette.

Aside from the many regular and pleasant clients, what have been my highlights?

The Chinese have given the world so much, and continue to do so, but what the younger generations there have recognised is that the country's decorum and self-restraint could do with a bit of fine tuning (it's the opposite of the UK where the older generation all think the youth are horrid upstarts).

Even on a day off last October I had to unofficially work - policing the queues at the new Disneyland, Shanghai.

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Known as the 'receiving line', the happy couple were once expected to line up alongside their parents and greet each guest one by one ahead of the wedding breakfast.

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