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The Peregrine Project at St Michael’s broadcasts live camera footage from right inside the Peregrines’ nest box and shares this with the public at large.

The Project is led by Nick Dixon working with Jason Fathers of Wildlife Windows. Egg-laying usually takes place here in the week or so after the Spring Equinox, 20-29 March, a little later than some other sites.

The presenter concentrated on peregrine on buzzard attacks when the adults were protecting their territory during fledging of the juveniles back in June.

It was well worth a watch if interested in birds of prey and the St Michael’s Peregrines in particular, and had some beautiful and amazing footage of our birds.

Peregrine falcons are among the most magnificent and revered birds anywhere on earth.

Please Note:- After lots of wing practice in the first 2 weeks of June, the 2 female juveniles fledged on 14 & 20 June.

As high-status falconry birds in the Middle Ages, it was appropriate that in 2015 our Peregrines laid 3 eggs during the Richard III week, with a 4th egg laid on Mon 30th March; only 2 hatched in April, but they seemed healthy and strong.

2016′s 4 eggs were incubated for 5 weeks, 2 hatched, and after 6 weeks of feeding, growing, exploring the nest box, developing feathers, preening, and flexing their wings, the juveniles fledged, one on Mon 13 June, and the other on Wed 15 June.

Read more about Peregrines in Exeter, and Nick Dixon’s research in the History of Our Peregrines page.

Find out more about Peregrine breeding patterns at St Michael’s.

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