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Even then, I wouldn't be signing anything on the first meeting. Can't comment on msn as I don't use it, principle is the so sad when you have to delete and block anyone but like you i have had my share of that so now is carefull who I add to my msn.Cosmic psychos can come across as very normal people on the net, and vice versa. They chat nice in here but sure change when they get on msn guess it takes all kinds to make a world but still delete and block sure come in handyeasythe majority of people tell you what they think you want to hearprovided you reciprocatedance of the silly notions and very precariousstep outside those rules and BLAMlike a 3 year old screaming IM NOT PLAYING ANY MORE and storming off(ie you didnt perform to fit the 'requirements')count your blessings game set and matchstage left...I don't know if it's the alignment of the planets, the moon, stars or time of year,but I have been getting some "different" kinds of messages latley. She claimed to be starting a psychology degree this year. Since she seemed to have found her calling with psycology, she offered to help me out with all my problems. She was so proficient at psycotherapy, she even helped me solve problems I didn't even know I had! Then proceeded to sum everything up with "life's like that" ...She has a very bright future as a shrink for sure!We've got to remember that it's all about emotions too.You have no real idea how the other person has interpreted you or for that matter what type of person or life they've had, or what type of day for that matter.^^^^ I saw one of those in adelaide last ime I visited the casino there, she was exposing herself to the band, I was next to the stage, what a freak show!when they stopped playing she went away, didn't even wait for them to come off stage!Let the dating world know that Marshan Coleman of Bridgeport, Connecticut is nothing better than a dating nightmare.This man is so called Òthe face of BridgeportÓ but he owes taxes like a bitch, he does not take care of his kids, he runs around with every women from Bridgeport to Hartford.

He would rather take care of his bitches children then his daughter.

I'm a cosmic psycho magnet .......friends always laugh when we all go out together, as I always end up being the one that is trying to ditch the psycho....while they stand back and watch... But I know how to get rid of them Name Marilu and that's how you spell it No sorrry no Inglish...... Yeh....hahahaha ..Inglishuntil they get sick me, Or if No Inglish trick.....

I am either a neurosurgeon or whatever and just make it up ... I forgot about that Atty, and thanks to you guys for releasing her cosmic grip on me Musta been that chupa chup mouth action that hypnotised me, or was it her groping herself on the dance floor that did it??

anyone ever noticed how some people change personality when they get behind the wheel of a car? This was long before the computer age, waaaaaaaay back in the last millenium. Meek, mild, caring, sensitive people can turn into aggressive maniacs, road ragers, tail gaters and serial horn blowers.

There are a lot of people who do the same when they sit in front of a PC.

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