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Since the upgrade of our service to ADSL2 a couple of months ago, and a subsequent change to the router (BT Voyager 220V), we have found that the IP address now changes every day or two.We could probably accept that this is expected behaviour maybe due to a change in the BT servers that allocate IP addresses.The only way I can connect is to use the BT router external IP address . Thats OK and I can live with that, but a major headache is that BT seem to change this address on a regular basis.So when my remote access stops I have to re discover the external IP address in order to gain access again.2, If this is how its supposed to work - is there any way to get BT to stop changing the bridged IP assigned to my router so I dont have to keep discovering it? Every computer attached to the Internet has an IP address.If your router's configuration is accessible from a web browser, try accessing it by logging into the local IP address of your router (for example, or ) and look for the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) settings. Each Dynamic DNS service may work better with a particular utility.

I have tried to tracert to this address but cannot "see" it.

Hi All We have had a broadband service from BT for about ten years using a dynamic IP address.

For the last six or seven years we have used the IP address to 'remote desktop' from home and, although dynamic, the IP address has historically only changed when we have re-booted the server/modem/router.

I also use the Wifi address 192.168.x.x with MAC address to connect mobiles within my house.

I want to be able to remote access a device that sits on the Static ip range.

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