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So, I spent the better part of an hour and a half sitting in the kitchen chair tied and gagged.As I sat there I wondered if "the game" would continue when school started back in September. When we attended our last pack meeting of the school year I had parents coming up to me and thanking me for taking the time to be the boys' Den Mother, telling me how much the boys enjoyed Cub Scouts, and how they looked forward to their den meetings.So I let him pull the neckerchief between my lips and tie it off behind my neck.The other thing notable about this particular time besides the gag was they had tied my hands behind my back rather then in front as before.I no longer even pretended to be anything other than their more then willing victim.After all, when you realize the boys won't have their Cub Scout neckerchiefs and you tear strips off an old sheet so they will have something to gag you with, I call that willing.Being barely ten years old when I asked, I got the honesty of a ten year old in his reply. I also discovered the game was a very useful way of maintaining discipline at the den meeting.One time I did refuse to play cowboys and Indians with them because of their behavior during the meeting. Plus, I always had perfect attendance at my meetings. After several weeks I had noticed that, while all the boys participated in the game, it was my son and two of his closest friends that did most of the tying.

The ropes were snug but with a little effort I could have easily gotten out of them, but I played along and pretended I couldn't. I didn't get out on my own because I didn't want the boys to know how easy it would have been.I once asked my son why the boys always wanted to play the same game.Didn't they ever get tired of the same game and want to play something else. Then he said they thought I was having fun too or I wouldn't let them tie me up every week. I was having as much fun getting tied up as they were tying me up. That was the beginning of a truly open and honest relationship with my son that I still enjoy to this day.However, soon after I found myself looking forward to being the captured white woman as much as they apparently looked forward to making me the captured white woman.By then I would have been disappointed if they had ever stopped wanting to play the game.

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This afternoon the boys decided they wanted to play cowboys and Indians with me as the captured white woman.

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