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With Salama's wise words in mind, we decided to contact renowned Australian chef Madeleine Shaw, to see if there were any date-worthy meals that might appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.Happily, Madeleine has come up with a truly romantic- and 100% vegetarian - dinner idea: Creamy Courgetti Carbonara (find the recipe below). I always remember the scene from Lady and the Tramp when they share the dish of pasta, gazing deeper into each other's eyes with every bite.Overall, this means that 73% of New Zealand singles would to date a meat eater and just over a quarter (27%) would most like to date a vegetarian.This may not sound like a lot – but, when Elite Singles conducted the same study in Australia, Europe, and North America (involving more than 11,000 singles in all), it turned out that Kiwi vegetarians have it relatively easy.However, it may just be that Kiwis have beef with the ultimatum itself rather than with the vegetarian lifestyle.

So you end up skint because you start buying those eggs that cost £9.99 from hens that live in Highgrove House and get hugged by Prince Charles once a day.

Still, that doesn’t make living in a meat-and-dairy-obsessed world any easier.

And a vegan’s lifestyle choices trickle down to what they wear to who they love.

A further 27% would like it if their partner thought about eating less meat, and the vast majority - 70% - would not want to change a partner's diet, agreeing that ''they have to choose [vegetarianism] for themselves.'' The survey also revealed that, contrary to stereotypes, NZ vegetarians are extremely tolerant of diets different to their own.

Indeed, 93% of Kiwi vegetarians would be happy to start a serious relationship with a devoted meat eater.

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One of the more startling insights to come out of the survey was the revelation that, if forced to choose, many Kiwis would opt for lamb and loneliness over lentils and love.

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